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  1. I’m getting on the detox train right now with these salads. After all the Christmas and New Year’s festivities, my stomach is so miserable that this past week, I can barely eat my digestive system is so messed up and miserable! (sorry about the TMI) Time to get back on track! Thanks.

  2. such a great selection – it would be fun to do one a week and play with various combinations of ingredients until you get through all of them! Whose up for discovering new flavor combinations! This girl!

  3. Thank you SO Much for including me, Heidi! YOU are amazing. I miss you dearly and I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. Wish we lived closer. Big hugs from snowy NYC.
    Lots of Love!!

  4. I Would love to have all the recipes sent to my emails. Thank You I’ve been trying to find something to fill along with juicing.

  5. 500+ Salad Recipes
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    There are many salad recipes. There are special cutting of vegetables for salads like salad fingers. The salad is fast foods or comes under easy recipes. For good salads, we have to do salad dressing. There are many salad dressing recipes and for salad recipes, we use special ingredients. salad can be called as a vegetable dish because most of the salads use raw vegetables.

  6. Well these Detox Salad are fabulous after gym work I usually take some detox salad as we all know how energetic this food is, so I’m really looking forward to make the rest of the salads given above as these methods can be pretty fruitful.


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